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Hello Guardians,

I am Lee Yunseok, creator of YGGDRASIL STUDIO. Discouraged Workers has been updated on Apr 22, 2019. If a new bug is not found, or if the Ren'Py engine is not significantly updated, this is probably the last minor update.


  • Update: Version 1.8.4 >
  • Update: Ren'Py Engine Version >
  • Added: Codesign for macOS.
  • Added: Adaptive icon for Android.
  • Improved: A fullscreen will not minimize when the mouse changes monitors.
  • Improved: Set parameter values on some screens.
  • Fixed: Detective achievement and medal progress for Steam(applied on Steam, March 2).
  • Fixed: Steam Cloud sync between macOS and any other operating systems(applied on Steam, April 18).
  • Fixed: Renamed function for the latest Ren'Py engine.
  • Fixed: A bug that could cause a transparent, black, or gray line to appear on the bottom line of a screen during a dissolve has been fixed.
  • Fixed: A case where rolling forward would fail is now fixed.
  • Fixed: A problem that prevented the Steam overlay from showing up on macOS was fixed.


Discouraged Workers V1.8.4.208 for Linux(TAR.BZ2) 199 MB
Apr 22, 2019
Discouraged Workers V1.8.4.208 for Win(ZIP) 200 MB
Apr 22, 2019
Discouraged Workers V1.8.4.208 for Mac(ZIP) 203 MB
Apr 22, 2019
Discouraged Workers Extras Vol.3 - Raspberry Pi Build V1.8.4.208(TAR.BZ2) 190 MB
Apr 22, 2019
Discouraged Workers Extras Vol.4 - Android Build V1.8.4.208(APK) 199 MB
Apr 22, 2019

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