V1.8.3.330 Minor Update & New Year Devlog

Happy New Year!

Hello Guardians,

Yunseok is here. How are you doing? Many days have passed from the last devlog. I am pleased to be able to write an article here again. Today, I am announcing new updates and other news from Project DW. Hope you like it!

Minor Update

  • Update: Version > 
  • Update: Ren'Py Engine >
  • Added: Some Python packages(for upcoming DLCs and News)
  • Added: News system
  • Improved: NVL-mode settings(for upcoming DLCs and Steam Workshop)
  • Improved: Android support
  • Improved: Code optimization
  • Fixed: Now the Ga-yeon on the bridge is not cutting by the mask according to device's performance.
  • Fixed: Copyright


Ren'Py Engine Update

With the efforts of the creator PyTom and many Ren'Py peoples, I was able to apply an improved engine. Android support, OpenGL and DirectX acceleration, other many fixes and improvements have been applied. I am also currently involved in the Korean translation of the engine.


After updating the engine I built a new TEEN version for Android. I expected better performance on Android. As expected, it worked great on my test devices. But however, my app has been removed from Google Play because a crash error has been reported.

signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR)
pid: 0, tid: 0 >>> github.io.yggdrasilstudio.kndwteen <<<
#00 pc 00000000000016fc /data/app/github.io.yggdrasilstudio.kndwteen-PhqUeVImbv12os7LZQoqrw==/lib/arm/libmain.so (SDL_main+79) #01 pc 000000000000131f /data/app/github.io.yggdrasilstudio.kndwteen-PhqUeVImbv12os7LZQoqrw==/lib/arm/libmain.so (Java_org_libsdl_app_SDLActivity_nativeInit+230) #02 pc 000000000002bdb1 /data/app/github.io.yggdrasilstudio.kndwteen-PhqUeVImbv12os7LZQoqrw==/oat/arm/base.odex

I thought it was related with the Adreno GPU(not Ren'Py's fault). And the backtrace, only three lines recorded there. I built the app again, by reducing the size of the presplash image to 800x480(1280x720 before). It worked on the Firebase Test Lab, I re-submitted updated APK to Google Play and it was restored.

News System

After cool my head, I have prepared a update of the Steam version. As a result, KNDW is now has a news system. It is a way to parse JSON on the web and show it in the program. When the player runs the program, a thumbnail appears at the bottom left of the screen. After click it, the original image and text, and the URL link will be output in the center of the screen.

    "version" : 1,
    "image" : "<a href="<a href="https://yggdrasil-studio.github.io/Discouraged-Workers/news/news_banner.webp">https://yggdrasil-studio.github.io/Discouraged-Workers/news/news_banner.webp</a>"><a href="https://yggdrasil-studio.github.io/Discouraged-Workers/news/news_banner.webp</a>">https://yggdrasil-studio.github.io/Discouraged-Workers/news/news_banner.webp</a></a>",
    "thumb" : "<a href="<a href="https://yggdrasil-studio.github.io/Discouraged-Workers/news/news_thumb.webp">https://yggdrasil-studio.github.io/Discouraged-Workers/news/news_thumb.webp</a>"><a href="https://yggdrasil-studio.github.io/Discouraged-Workers/news/news_thumb.webp</a>">https://yggdrasil-studio.github.io/Discouraged-Workers/news/news_thumb.webp</a></a>",
    "link" : "<a href="<a href="https://www.indiedb.com/games/discouraged-workers/news/new-year-devlog-20191">https://www.indiedb.com/games/discouraged-workers/news/new-year-devlog-20191</a>"><a href="https://www.indiedb.com/games/discouraged-workers/news/new-year-devlog-20191</a>">https://www.indiedb.com/games/discouraged-workers/news/new-year-devlog-20191</a></a>",
    "text" : "Happy New Year! V1.8.3.880 Update & WIP. Visit our {a=<a href="<a href="https://www.indiedb.com/games/discouraged-workers/news/new-year-devlog-20191}{u}IndieDB{/u}{/a}">https://www.indiedb.com/games/discouraged-workers/news/new-year-devlog-20191}{u}IndieDB{/u}{/a}</a>"><a href="https://www.indiedb.com/games/discouraged-workers/news/new-year-devlog-20191}{u}IndieDB{/u}{/a}</a>">https://www.indiedb.com/games/discouraged-workers/news/new-year-devlog-20191}{u}IndieDB{/u}{/a}</a></a> to find out more."

Deploy updates to all distribution platforms

The next thing planned is to update on all our distribution platforms. Both of desktop and mobile platforms, I will update the original and TEEN version.

Upcoming Release

The first release in this year is Solitaire Minigame DLC. Based on Klondike, the best-known solitaire card game. This mini-game was developed to get donations for the Project DW. It will be released on January 21st, because Taejin need work to translate the hints.

Working in progress for 2019

  • Fimbulvetr(Free playable MOD DLC, ASAP)
    • NVL based kinetic novel
  • Wake Up, Ga-yeon!(Free playable Steam Workshop MOD item, ASAP)
    • Life simulation mini-game
  • Where is My Cranberry Jam?(Free playable MOD DLC)
    • 8-bit voxel based puzzle adventure
  • A Squirming Fairytale(other project)
    • Choice matter interactive fiction

If you have any problem or found a bug, please report it to our forum, or email me with your problem and log.txt. Thank you for read this article. I'll be back soon!


Discouraged Workers V1.8.3.880 for Linux(TAR.XZ) 189 MB
Jan 02, 2019
Discouraged Workers V1.8.3.880 for Mac(ZIP) 202 MB
Jan 02, 2019
Discouraged Workers V1.8.3.880 for Win(ZIP) 195 MB
Jan 02, 2019
Discouraged Workers Extras Vol.3 - Raspberry Pi Build V1.8.3.880(TAR.XZ) 184 MB
Jan 02, 2019
Discouraged Workers Extras Vol.4 - Android Build V1.8.3.880(APK) 199 MB
Jan 03, 2019

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