Raspberry Pi 4 Support (V1.8.4.21 Minor Update)

Hello Guardians,

I am Lee Yunseok, creator of YGGDRASIL STUDIO. Today I added support for Raspberry Pi 4, so the Extras Vol.3 - Raspberry Pi Build has been updated. This is also a fixed version of the Pydict module error.


  1. Download Extras Vol.3 - Raspberry Pi build.
  2. In terminal, go to downloaded folder.
  3. tar xf Discouraged-Workers-
  4. cd Discouraged-Workers-
  5. ./Discouraged-Workers.sh


  • Update: Version >
  • Update: Ren'Py Engine Version >
    • Fixed: A fairly major issue that could cause screens that interpolate text to not update, or update improperly.
    • Fixed: properly runs the image prediction routine from the image prediction thread.
    • Improved: The drag and drop system has been improved to better interact with updated screens.
    • Notice: There will be more changes because I use nightly build of Ren'Py.
  • Added: Raspberry Pi 4 support.
  • Improved: System console messages  are now displayed in your selected language. 
  • Fixed: Crash with Pydict import error.


Discouraged Workers Extras Vol.3 - Raspberry Pi Build V1.8.4.21(TAR.BZ2) 192 MB
Nov 25, 2019

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